52-week blog challenge: 3 meet my family

Hi friends,

I am quite a bit behind on my blog challenge (oooppss) but I will try not to let that happen again! I encourage you all to try the 52 week challenge, its fun to do and can keep your page interesting and help your followers learn more about you!

Meet My Family

I love my family dearly. I am very close with both my mom and dad. When I was 10 my parents decided to split and they got a divorce, which turned me from an only child to a sister of 3. Most people aren’t happy when there parents get a divorce, but this only had a positive influence on my life and how I was able to grow up.

My dad and I like to do a lot together, we typically try to go to a lot of football, baseball, and hockey games together. We both enjoy getting outside and being active or doing something fun! On my dads side I gained a stepmom, a stepsister, and a stepbrother. My stepmom and I get along good, we both like to go shopping together. My stepsister and I are in the same grade and close to the same age, so it was very fun to grow up together. Having her in my life gave me another best friend and a person I can always call. My stepbrother and I are not as close, but he is only a year above me. At the end of this summer he is getting married, so I will have my very first sister in law.

My mom and I are very similar. We are both blondes (and act like it), we have a knack for shopping, and we are great at cracking jokes (just kidding). My mom and I like to spend time together by hanging at our campground, getting our nails done, or shopping (of course). When my mom got remarried I gained a stepfather and a stepsister on her side. My stepfather is wonderful. We are always able to crack jokes in our house and have a good time. My stepsister is a now a sophomore in high school, so we have quite a bit of an age difference (5-6 years) but we get along great. Its always fun to hang out with her because I get to hear about her high school life and I can share my college life and advice to her.

My family is amazing. I hope one day I can be as good as a parent as my mom and dad have been for me.

emmamarie ❤


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