Summer Plans?


Hair gets lighter.

Skin gets darker.

Water gets warmer.

Drinks get colder.

Music gets louder. 

Nights get longer.

Life gets better.

What will I be up too this summer?

In 5 days I am leaving my hometown to live in Providence, Rhode Island for this summer for an internship. I will be working downtown for 10 weeks and I am ready to start my job and learn more about Human Resources. While I am very nervous and sad to leave my friends and family at home, I am very excited to explore the city and find new restaurants and bars to go to- since I have never visited Rhode Island before! About halfway through my internship, I am flying back home to be in my friends wedding! (It’s amazing how time flies and my friend is old enough to be married!) Once I am back in Rhode Island, one of my friends in my sorority is planning on coming to visit me a for a few days in the end of July. I want to plan weekend trips to New York City and Charlotte, NC this summer as well, so I need to start planning that soon!

I’m starting to realize that I haven’t planned a lot for my summer, but I know it will fly by quickly, and hopefully be one of the best summers yet.

What are y’all doing this summer? 

emmamarie ❤


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