52-week blog challenge: 1 meet my best friend

Hi peeps-

I am very excited to tell you all that I have decided to take on the 52-week blog challenge, and I encourage you all to try it as well! I am going to try to do this once every week, but it might not be on the same day- so be sure to look out for it!


This is my very first one so I will be talking about my best friend, Sam!

My best friend is simply amazing.

When And How Did You Meet: I actually met her through a different friend freshman year. Sam happened to be roommates with the girl I was hanging out with, and tbh she was quite mean to me at first, but she loves me now of course! 🙂

Who Does She Love: ME! Sam also loves to eat, be with or talk to her family, hang out with friends, and she loves going out!

Her Favorite Food: She loves to eat all kinds of different foods, but she loves potatoes! She could eat a baked potato every day… (ikr that’s a lot of potatoes)

What Do You Love About Her: I know that is that she is always there for me no matter what I am going through and I know that I can always talk to her about anything and she will listen. She is also down to get food with me all the time and that’s great too.

just so you know her more here’s some quick fun facts about her

  • She has never had a strawberry
  • She plays the oboe
  • We both eat too much McDonald’s 
  • Thinks naps are a necessary part of the day
  • She is obsessed with Joggers
  • She loves Netflix- but who doesn’t
  • Her favorite restaurant is Portillo’s
  • My fingerprint unlocks her phone


that’s my bestie, my bestie, my best friend, go best friend 

emmamarie ❤


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