spring breeakkkkk


Like any other college student would say “I am so sad that spring break is over already!”

Last week I went to Cancun, Mexico! I had a great time hanging out with my friends, relaxing on the beach, and probably drinking and eating a little too much. Here’s a quick run through of my week…


  • {WINDMILLS} On the way to the airport we drove through some windmills, and I have IMG_1511.jpgrealized I have never been close to one, so we drove up to it and I touched it! Probably illegal, but it was amazing. (If you ever get close to a windmill, definitely touch it!)
  • Image-1-1.jpg{SEX STORE} Sorry friends if this is awkward for you, I understand. I visited my first sex store on this trip. I don’t know how I feel about it and I probably won’t be back anytime soon. Although, my friends and I thought it would be funny to buy a friend- a very small blow up sex doll named Judy. Judy loved Cancun and she was a big hit to other spring breakers!
  • {FLYING} We left the Chicago airport to travel to Cancun for the week (we went from 20 degree to 80 degree weather in about 4 hours- priceless)


  • {BEACH DAY} We were all eager to spend our first full day on the beach. We had a blast and it was a great first day.
  • {BANANA BOAT} This was probably the worst experience we had in Cancun. Right on the beach there was a company giving banana boat rides. We decided to try it out, because it was only $20 a person. UPDATE: It was terrible! Our driver thew us off 3 times during the 15 minute ride. We thought at first that it wasn’t that bad, but as our driver continued to throw us off we quickly realized that it hurt a lot every time we would fall off because we would hit each other. My friend actually got a concussion because of how rough it was! What I thought was crazy is that I have ridden a banana boat before and had a great time, not this time 😦



  • {VS PINK PARTY} Pink had a huge party on the beach in Cancun! The event was free and it was a ton of fun! They had a ton of free stuff for people to take and it was just like a huge party on the beach. Honestly I wasn’t sure what it would be like but if I ever had the chance I would go again!


  • {BOOZE CRUISE} If you are ever in Cancun you should take a catamaran cruise. We took a sailboat full of spring breakers out on the ocean for the day. Our first stop was snorkeling. We were all able to get out of the boat if we wanted to snorkel (while the coral was not amazingly pretty, there was a lot of really cool fish to look at)! After that, the boat took us to a beach club where we got lunch and relaxed. Then we set sail to Isla Mujeres where we were able to shop around and explore the island! UPDATE: be careful in different countries where poverty is higher because someone stole my friend’s GoPro while we were shopping. Also my friends and I were commonly asked, “Mexican boyfriend?” Yikes.
  • {SENOR FROGS FOAM PARTY} We were told this was a must in Cancun. I guess every Wednesday Señor Frogs has a huge foam party. We paid about $55 which got us into Carlos n’ Charlie’s from 9-11 and then Señor Frogs from 11- on. We had an open bar at both places, but we only drank at Carlos n’ Charlie’s. I didn’t expect that I would have so much fun at Carlos n’ Charlie’s, but I did and if I ever get the chance I am going to go back there. It was like a restaurant/bar place but the waiters and waitresses were so crazy and fun. When we got there we ordered drinks and a shot for us all, but then about every 10 minutes they kept bringing us more shots! What a blast! At 11 we headed over to Señor Frogs, and by the time we got there we were pretty full of alcohol tbh. When we got to the dance floor there was a huge blow up thing, which kept all of the foam inside. We crawled in the blow up part and went to the middle where the foam was supposed to come out. UPDATE: if you decide to go to this foam party, do not stand in the middle, as when the foam started my friends and I all couldn’t breathe because it was so intense. We stood/danced along the outside of the blow up thing and had a blast all night until we had to leave. I would recommend anyone to do this!!
  • IMG_1545.jpgIMG_1526 2.jpg


  • {BEACH DAY} After the Wednesday night parties my friends and I were feeling a little rough all Thursday morning. I couldn’t even make it to breakfast (which closed at 11) because on my way, I got a little sick 😦 We choose to just hang around and spend the day at the beach.


  • {SHOPPING} We decided to go downtown Cancun to the Flea Market to do some shopping to get gifts for our friends and family. When we got there we found a big store where the employees didn’t hassle us to buy things, so we ended up doing our all of our shopping there. Before this trip I had been to Cancun before so I didn’t buy much, but I did buy two shirts and two shot glasses (one for me and one for my boyfriend).
  • {BEACH DAY} After shopping we headed back to our hotel to spend the rest of the time in the beach and at the pool. We hit up the bar at our hotel and had a great rest of our day!


  • {ANOTHER BEACH DAY} By Saturday my friends and I were exhausted, and since it was our last day in Cancun, we decided to spend the day at our reIMG_8301.JPGsort. We all drank and set by the beach all day long. We even all got henna on our hands right on the beach too! All four of us got burnt today- which was the first time we burnt that whole week! Later that night we all packed our suitcases and cleaned up our room because we had to leave early in the morning 😦


  • {FLYING} We left Cancun and then traveled back to Purdue (why did I choose a college where its gets so cold?)


How was your spring break?

emmamarie ❤


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