sorority misconceptions

You don’t even know how many times I have heard these misconceptions.

so here are some truths about my sorority experience thus far

  1. We pay for our friends– this is not true at all. Yes, being in a sorority is ridiculously expensive, but what we are paying for are things like our dances, food, and housing, so no it’s not that cheap.
  2. You have to be preppy to be in a sorority– just because you are in a sorority does not mean you have to wear Lily Pulitzer all the time, trust me I don’t even own Lily.
  3. We are all the exact same person– we do have some of the same interests in common which is why we get along so well, but we actually are a very diverse group of girls, we are not the same people at all.
  4. We only care about our sorority–  I have a lot of friends on campus that are not in my sorority that I care about just as much.
  5. Sorority girls party all of the time– yes we do like to party, but our grades are equally important. Being in a sorority we have to have certain grades to stay involved, so even though we party, our school work is still very important.
  6. Sorority girls are all dumb– not all sorority girls are dumb, in my sorority we have gpa requirements each semester and depending on your gpa you may have study hours each week- this semester I have 2 study hours.
  7. All sorority girls are sluts– being in a sorority does not make any of us sluts
  8. Sorority girls are rich– I know a lot of people who work two jobs just so they can stay in the sorority. Just because you are in a sorority does not mean you are rich.
  9. You get along with everyone in your sorority– even though we are all in the same sorority does not mean you will get along with every single person, every chapter has a diverse group of girls so there is a large chance you won’t love every single person.

Every sorority girl acts differently and has a different take on their sorority, but this is my take on being in a sorority.


emmamarie ❤


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