spring breeakkkkk

  Like any other college student would say "I am so sad that spring break is over already!" Last week I went to Cancun, Mexico! I had a great time hanging out with my friends, relaxing on the beach, and probably drinking and eating a little too much. Here's a quick run through of my week...... Continue Reading →

spring break?? {packing essentials}

In just 3 short days my spring break is going to start a week of fun, friends, relaxing, and drinking is just around the corner Spring break time is FINALLY approaching. While Professors are assigning even more homework, papers, and exams than ever its time to slow down and remember the essentials of what to pack for... Continue Reading →

sorority misconceptions

You don't even know how many times I have heard these misconceptions. so here are some truths about my sorority experience thus far We pay for our friends- this is not true at all. Yes, being in a sorority is ridiculously expensive, but what we are paying for are things like our dances, food, and housing, so no... Continue Reading →

My Overused Sayings

I overuse the same phrases on the daily. For some reason I always pick a few phrases that I love and constantly say them over and over again. My poor friends go crazy and always tell me I need to switch up my vocabulary. Oopsies 🙂 The Phrases Im Dead The Struggle is Real Lit Hot Sec... Continue Reading →

first blog & plans

hi all- happy march this is my very first blog and I have absolutely no clue where to even begin- so if you are out there, please give me some slack on this one (well really all of them pleaseee) I do have a few plans for my page, and I hope you all will... Continue Reading →

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